we propose to add a new system with valuable functionalities to vehicles. We call it “Homunculus”. It is based on a new concept of interactions between humans and vehicles. It promotes and augments nonverbal communicability humans in the vehicles.

It is difficult to communicate with the drivers in the vehicles by eye contact, hand gestures or touching behavior. Our “Homunculus” is a system to solve these problems. The instruments of “Homunculus” are composed of three system modules. The First is Robotic Eyes System which is a set of robotic eyes that follows drivers eye movements & head rotations. The Second is Projection System which shows drivers hand gestures on the road. The Third is Haptic Communication System which consists of IR Distance Sensors Array on the vehicle and Vibration motors attached to the driver. It gives drivers the haptic sense to approaching objects to the vehicle. These three Systems are set on vehicle’s hood or side.

We propose the situation that humans and vehicles can be unified as one unit by Homunculus. This system works as a middleman for communications between men and vehicles, people in other cars, or even people just walking the street. We suggest the new relationship of men and their vehicles could be like men and their clothes.



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the Vehicle as Augmented Clothes

Project Member:

Yoichi Ochiai:

Designer, Super Creator Certificated by IPA & METI JAPAN, University of Tsukuba. 

Keisuke Toyoshima:

LED, University of Tsukuba. 






Indicatable Mediahttp://96ochiai.ws/96ochiai/indicatable.html
Link to Youtube Video(DEMO)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU6MaAfY0uw